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Solutions: Breast hygiene

Food security today is very close to the consumer who, thanks to the easiness of finding information, requires guarantees for scientific research and institutions.
It is clear that behind all this it is important to ensure proper hygiene in stables and in the milking room: a right milking procedure is essential to be able to get in a quickl and efficient way a good quality milk, produced from healthy beef and maintained in welfare conditions.

All the incorrect milking action, influence negatively the ejection of the milk, they can also lead to pathological phenomena, such as mastitis. The interaction between the milking machine and the nipple is particularly important because the nipple is the main entry route for pathogens within the mammary gland and acts as a first line of defense to bacterial invasion.

The preparation of the nipples before milking is crucial, so our Allegrini experts suggest three solutions:


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