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cleanses and sanitizes in only one operation

Regarding the kitchen hygiene, prevention against contamination and food poisoning is undoubtedly correlated, in a very important way, to the environment and equipment cleaning.   The clean visual impression is not always a guarantee of hygiene. The hygiene concept needs a distinction between detergency, consisting in the pure and simple evident dirt removal, and sanitization, which requires an efficient and specific process in order to potentially remove harmful microorganisms.  Allegrini has always been involved in the research of  avant-garde optimal solutions, able to meet market demands and facilitate your customers work.  For this reason we are now able to offer a new product, of high quality and effectiveness, witnessed by more than 20 test certifications made by the most qualified international laboratories. 

JP READY sol. 5% of Jaminal Plus is a wide spectrum odorless sanitizing detergent that significantly decreases contamination possibilities. 
It allows to clean and sanitize hard surfaces in a single operation. Ideal for the cleaning and sanitization of tools (slicers, knifes, food equipment, work surface areas, etc) in the food preparations field and in the situations considered by H.A.C.C.P. system. Its use is recommended in all situations that require the maximum control besides bacterial load abatement: sanitary environment, hospital rooms, ambulatories, etc. JP READY reduces the residual bacterial load on tiled surfaces, steel, glass, aluminum, plastic and teflon. 


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